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About us


TABOOM combines high quality products and fashionable items in all price ranges to make BDSM play part of the everyday lifestyle. Every kinky lover is a potential TABOOM customer. Whether they stand at the beginning of their sexual journey or are already more experienced in the world of BDSM, with 6 different labels there is always something stimulating to discover. Because of the luxurious and stylish look & feel of all TABOOM products items, it is the perfect gift to give pleasure. TABOOM is suitable for every budget, every occasion and every adventure.  

TABOOM Bondage in Luxury

The TABOOM Bondage in Luxury collection is designed to mix style with pleasure. These fashionable BDSM products made of red Vegan Leather with classy Gold details, gives you the confidence to have a dominant role and be sexy and feminine at the same time. The TABOOM Bondage in Luxury collection creates a female perspective in the world of BDSM and inspires modern women to explore their sexuality and to find her true self. Enjoy some all-night foreplay while you can feel the chemistry running through your veins and treat yourself with some undivided attention.

TABOOM Bondage in Luxury is for the strong and independent women who can appreciate luxury and design and isn’t afraid to discover her sexuality. Awaken your deepest desires with the Bondage in Luxury collection.


TABOOM Luxury Bondage Essentials

The affordable TABOOM Luxury Bondage Essentials collection is the perfect beginning of your sexual and kinky journey. This must-have collection allows you to discover BDSM without spending too much money for luxury high-quality BDSM products. There are 16 different BDSM products to explore your deepest desires. This collection is characterized by its Vegan Leather items, silver coloured details and comfortable velvet lining that will make you feel powerful and in control.


TABOOM Nipple Play

Nipples are the most sensitive part of the breasts. Due to many nerve endings in the nipples, it’s without a doubt an important erogenous zone. Experience the sensations of nipple play with the elegant, sexy, and stylish Nipple Play items by TABOOM.


TABOOM Bondage Ropes

Your ultimate fantasies become reality with the TABOOM Bondage Ropes collection. Discover the art of bondage with high-quality products that comes in various colours, two kinds of materials and different sizes. Set yourself free when you tie your volunteering partner up or surrender without despair. Use the ropes in any way that pleases you, like secure bondage cuffs to the bedpost or to lead your partner around by a collar. The ropes offer strong, safe holds and are perfectly finished with branded caps at the end. This collection is for sure a must-have to any kinky collection.


Taboom Dona

Introducing TABOOM Dona, a cutting-edge bondage label embracing the beauty and pleasure of restraint. Inspired by the iconic Donatella, this collection redefines style and design, seamlessly blending fashion with fetish. Crafted primarily in lustrous gold metal with sleek black accents, each piece embodies sophistication and sensuality for a truly luxurious bondage experience.


Taboom Glow In The Dark Bondage

Illuminate your intimate experiences with our collection crafted for those who crave sensory exploration. Each piece, from cuffs to paddles, is designed to radiate allure in the dark, adding an electrifying twist to your bondage play. Let the night come alive as you indulge in a journey of heightened sensation and seduction.


Taboom Vogue

The TABOOM Vogue collection offers a redefined sensuality with luxurious vegan leather and meticulous craftsmanship, merging contemporary style with timeless allure. Debuting with BDSM essentials, each piece is adorned with hand-placed studs, showcasing TABOOM's commitment to luxury and setting a new standard in intimate indulgence.

Taboom Malibu

In a world where sophistication and rebellion blend seamlessly, TABOOM proudly introduces the Malibu collection - a bold reinterpretation of BDSM elegance, brimming with youthful energy. Infused with the essence of 'girl power', this collection is an ode to the strength and grace of femininity, crafted in the most luxurious materials and designs.