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Taboom - Glow in the dark bondage - Ball Gag
Ball Gag
Ball Gag

Gags & muzzles

Taboom’s gags and muzzles

Embark on a voyage that unveils unspoken desires, revealing a realm where intricately designed accessories redefine boundaries and elevate the sensations of pleasure.

Taboom’s gags and muzzles are for seasoned enthusiastics or the curious explorers, these accessories serve as a tasteful initiation into the world of sensory exploration.

Wearing our gags and muzzles can increase the wearer's sense of helplessness, physical arousal and decrease the ability to speak. This all can heighten the overall sexual thrill. Get ready for a luxurious bondage experience with the high-quality gags and muzzles from Taboom.

In the Taboom Gags and Muzzles realm, partners are encouraged to traverse the intricate terrain of vulnerability and empowerment. Through these accessories, the horizons of pleasure expand, and the journey of mutual exploration leads to a sphere of intimacy that transcends the ordinary. 

Celebrate the essence of Taboom's Gags and Muzzles, where each piece embodies trust, desire, and the promise of an electrifying odyssey into uncharted desire. 

Embrace the irresistible allure of Taboom's Gags and Muzzles, where sensory exploration transforms into a profound journey of self-discovery and connection. Let these accessories accompany you as you navigate the intimate landscapes of desire, creating a mesmerizing symphony of pleasure, vulnerability, and trust alongside your partner. 

Our bestsellers are the TABOOM Glow In The Dark Ball Gag and the TABOOM Open Mouth Spider Gag.